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Alex Brown

Alex Brown

Alexander Gordon Brown, born on May 11, 1962, passed away on June 18, 1989 at the young age of 27 years old. Alex died tragically in a motorcycle accident which occurred near Hwy 37 in Novato.

Please share your memories of Alex.

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04/11/09 12:42 AM #1    

Tina Dimitratos (Baldry)

I loved Alex. We had math together in our Freshman year. He used to turn around in his seat and draw on my binder. I can't talk about what he would draw, but he drew one in my yearbook, too. I loved his fluffy and curly. I was saddened to hear of his death so soon after we graduated. I have thought of him often over the years. With fond memories, Tina

04/15/09 03:43 AM #2    

Katie Heldt (Bausler)

So soon after we graduated? Remind me please, what happened?

04/20/09 01:05 AM #3    

Kathleen Hughes (Huot)

Alex was so much fun! We went "steady" our freshman year, and we used to go on double dates with Andy Shotz and Jeanette Pelton. We laughed a lot! Alex had the cutest smile, dreamy baby blue eyes and great hair. Alex was a very talented person. He would always sketch really cool drawings, and he played in the band, Warship, with John, Ken and Mario. After TLHS I kept in touch with Alex because his sister, Betsy Brown, dated my future brother-in-law, David. Again, we had a lot of fun! Alex's fatal motorcycle crash was tragic and heartbreaking for many. His sister, Betsy, had a beautiful Memorial Service for him at her home in Novato. We remain very saddened by his loss and miss him very much.

04/27/09 01:57 AM #4    

Susan Natt

I can't believe it's been 20 years since I last heard his laugh and watch the side of his nose crinkle as he did so. I've never stopped missing him. You just never get over your first real love. At least now I know he & John are off somewhere together causing trouble and having a blast!

05/04/09 11:23 AM #5    

Deborah Koss (Petersen)

Alex my friend - I met Alex in the 6th grade at Miller Creek. He and I were both in orchestra and decided that we were going to play the bass! I being one of the smallest kids and him not much bigger, were pretty funny lugging those big things around! It was more than once that Ms McIlvane tossed us both out of the class for being disruptive and causing problems! Loved that boy and think of him often. He is DEFINATELY stirring it up in heaven!

01/30/10 05:29 AM #6    

Karla Booker

Wow... I remember Alex & Andy as one cuz they were always together at Miller Creek! He was so full of life and fun... He had the greatest Afro! Lol.. He had wit and the best sense of humor! I remember he and Andy doing the 20 year class update at 8th grade graduation, where he and Andy proclaimed me the first woman president! (isn't it cool that race rarely even came ip for us back then?)

Anyway, I know he's cracking some amazing jokes and keeping things lively for us in heaven! Godspeed!

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